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Your daily companion, bringing you edifying, educative, and entertaining contents.

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Our content would instruct or improve your life, morally and intellectually.


Our content will definitely impart you with knowledge and enhance you intellectually.


Our content is far from being boring! Be rest assured that you'd stream with a wide grin.

Karis radio is the online audio streaming platform of Karis Media- a Christocentric channel dedicated to sharing the person and principles of Christ across all facets of life.

So, while you go about your day, you can stream the best of clean music, entertainment, messages, interviews, shows and seminars across different topics.

You won’t have to be scared of listening to worldly ideologies because it would be the home of content that edifies, educates and entertains.

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Karis Shows

Gideon's Corner

An exciting and enlightening exploration of leadership, where we debunk myths, provide clarity, and empower you to make a lasting impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute and transform your leadership journey! Fridays at 10am

Relationship & Family Series

Relationships are the heart of our lives! On Karis radio, we bring you captivating conversations, expert interviews, and transformative guidance that will enrich your relationships and build harmonious family units. Tuesdays 9am.


Your finest blend of learning and innovation. We explore different skills and knowledge areas, bringing you content from future forward thought leaders. You don’t want to miss it.

Saturdays, 10am

Business and Career Series

We’ve put together the best strategies and productivity hacks! Mondays at 10am is a gold mine as we bring you the voice of different renowned career and entrepreneurship experts across Africa and the world.

The Model Man Series

#TMMs is dedicated to showcasing men as the best example of who God created them to be. Join the transformative journey of self-discovery, as we redefine masculinity with grace, integrity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Thursadays at 9am.

The D.W Show

Every Wednesday’s at 10am. The DW show discusses the multifaceted journey of womanhood, from embracing diverse roles to overcoming challenges, and exploring the joys of empowerment, growth, and resilience.

The Positive Alternatives

In a bid to ensure our generations do not lose golden principles and nuggets applied by our fathers, we’ll discuss tried, tested and trusted values and alternatives.


At every interval, we bring you the best in music from worship sounds, to albums and artiste spotlight, afro-gospel, classical and contemporary beats. You’ll never have a dull moment listening to Karis Radio!

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